NeedleFelting Classes (Temporarily Postponed)

2019 Needle Felting Classes

*All prices include materials

*Bring your own snacks and drinks 

*All classes are by appointment and available between May 15 - October 15

*For more information or to register please call us at (902) 659-2202 or email us at

Card felting class - $20 (2 hours or less)

Leave with two completed cards approx. 5 by 8 inches

This is a really good starting point for someone who has never needle felted before.

Quarter Sheet - $40 (2-4 hours)

Leave with a completed piece of art work approx. 17 by 20 inches.  This is good for beginners or for intermediate needle felting… come with a picture in your head of what you would like to create or flip through our folder of pictures for inspiration.

Full Sheet - $120 (a full day)

This is for more advanced or intermediate felting…. We need a few weeks’ notice to book this class as we get you to email us a photo of what you would like to create and Hazel will have the background colors done for you…. Then you spend the day detailing the work of art.

If you would like to print this then click this button for the file.

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