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* We offer pick up and drop off services depending on your location

* All prices are in Canadian dollars

Price List 


Sock Blanks 

Undyed sock blanks are $25 and dyed sock blanks are $30. The process of dying a blank allows for a perfect colour gradient as you knit your pair of socks. 


Felt insoles 

These insoles are a mixture of merino wool and alpaca. They are priced at $10.


Dryer Balls

Just as the name suggests, these wool balls can be placed in your dryer to increase drying efficiency, Also great for any project. They are priced at $5 per ball but we recommend buying at least 2 if you want to use them in the dryer. 


Embroidery Floss

A great selection of colour at a very affordable 0.75 cents a piece. 


Felt Kits

The needle felting kit comes with 3 pieces of landscape felt, 3 needle felting needles, multi coloured roving and a styrofoam backer to work on. The kit price is $15 and replacement needles are 3 for $3 or 10 for $7.


Knitting needles and Felt

A wide selection of needles and Felt, please call or email for further information if you are interested in purchasing. 


Weaving Cotton

1/2 lb cones 

4/8  natural         $8

4/8  white           $10

4/8  coloured       $12

2/8  natural          $6

2/8  white            $8

2/8  coloured       $10

1 lb cones

2/8  multicoloured  $38



Our roving comes in either 2oz or 1lb bags depending on your project needs. Small bags are $6 and the large bags are $30. Our dye chart is located at the top of the page with more colours to be added shortly. 

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