Here is a quick video curtesy of Artisan PEI, it gives a brief description from the owners themselves about our company. 

Belfast Mini-Mills Ltd. designs and manufactures fiber processing machines. B.M.M. Ltd. further specializes in developing mills for exotic fibers such as Alpaca, Llama, Mohair, Qiviut and Cashmere. The company is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada and is recognized worldwide for the advanced technology and design incorporated in their specialized machinery.

The Belfast Mini Mill is intended to produce a wide range of top quality products in small quantities, relative to large commercial mills. The modularity of the available mill configurations allows typical production to be from a few pounds of spun yarn per day up to almost any required amount. The advantage of these small mills is that producers can have their own fiber returned to them as high quality finished products. The producer can also be confident that the fleece will be processed in a timely manner by local processors.


The popularity of Camelids is making people aware of the luxury fibers available and demand is increasing as fiber artists develop products such as fashion garments. However, the driving force to create "Demand" is "Supply" and this means that the fiber clip must be converted into sale-able and usable end products. This is where Belfast Mini Mills fits into the picture. Being able to make a completely unique product from fiber produced locally can create an identity. This has been successfully marketed with names like "Harris Tweed" and "Icelandic Wool" and it offers opportunities for Camelid breeders. B.M.M. has a fully operational mill for demonstration and training purposes. Also on site is a fiber store, that houses a Duvet Machine and a FloorLoom. 99% of the product in our store is made right here by us.

Electronics have eliminated almost all the setup time and the addition of computerized displays gives the operator continuous awareness and control of the yarn being produced. Almost any size yarn can be produced, from a heavy rug yarn to extreeme lace weight. The most important feature of yarn production is consistency. To achieve the desired size and consistency without breakage it is necessary to proceed through several carefully controlled processes, from Carding through Drafting and this is the purpose of the several machines that make up a Belfast Mini Mill.

Operating a Belfast Mini Mill is a fairly simple business and one person can usually operate several machines at one time. Productivity depends on the configuration of machines and on the end product. It takes longer to produce fine spun yarn than any other product. Successful management of a mill requires knowledge of fiber that is to be processed and it is generally agreed that in this area one never stops learning. As any fiber artist will tell you it is the infinite variations in natural fibers that are the joy and challenge. Belfast Mini-Mills Ltd. is a company dedicated to establishing "Cottage Industry" mills and they have 30 different machines from which to choose in designing a mill to suit particular requirements. In order to introduce the excellent quality products available, Mini-Mills offers a sampling program where producers can have their own fiber processed and returned. Individual machines, complete mills, information and training are available from Belfast Mini-Mills Ltd. Before purchasing a B.M.M. we recommend a visit to our demonstration facility where the operation and performance of the machines can be properly evaluated for the specific fibers and intended products. It is our opinion that every installation should include this pre-purchase visit for effective planning. Following purchase, we offer training by qualified instructors in the use of the machines and where possible this should be on the customer's premises. This on-site, hands-on experience is so important that we consider it to be almost a necessity. It enables the technical aspects of the machines to be mastered and their relationship to different fibers to be understood. 

As manufacturers of mill equipment we offer services and assistance to our customers not readily available from alternative sources. During the pre-sale period we encourage thorough research and provide a demonstration site to help prospective customers fully appreciate the requirements of setting up and operating a mill. At time of delivery we offer on-site assistance to correctly set up the machinery. Instruction in fiber processing and machine operations is usually available on-site or at our demonstration mill. All of this assistance pre-sale, set up and training is, in our opinion, essential to help new operators through the learning period. Post sale we are available for consultation and we endeavor to stock and supply any consumable products needed for continuous operation.

A customer should always consider opening an on-site store in conjunction with a Belfast Mini Mill. This gives you an outlet for your value added products created by you in your mill. You can easily build a viable tourist destination to put you in complete control of your unique market.

We can also modify our machines, or yours to accomodate "OTHER" makes of fiber processing equipment worldwide.
Examples of these machines would be:
-Free Standing Roving Deck
-Free Standing Bump Winder
-Free Standing Combo, Bump Winder - Roving Deck
-Rug Yarn Maker
-Skein Swift & Skein Winder
-Skein Twister

At present Belfast Mini Mill equipment around the world are processing:

Suri & Huacaya Alpaca, Llama, Camel, Muskox (Qiviut), 
Cashmere, Yak, Mountain Goat, Angora Rabbit,
Most varieties of Sheeps Wool, Buffalo, Husky, Samoyed, 
and other Breeds of dog, Persian Cat, Hemp, Flax, Long Staple Cotton,
Bamboo, Polypropylene, other Nylon Blends, Silk, Mohair and Carbon Nanotubes.


You may have known us by International Spinners Ltd. Belfast Mini Mills has been incorporated to develop and commision our equipment .

Although all of our mills are notable, some of our more Unique ones are:

The University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bioprocessing Engineering Department

JiLU, Jamtland County Council Institute of Rural Development, Entrepeneurship & Education
Rosta, Sweden

University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany
Institute of Animal Production in the Tropics & Sub Tropics Section, Animal Breeding and Husbandry.

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