Large Carder

Roving, Batting, Rug Yarn

The B.M.M. Carder is the heart of a fiber mill. It separates randomly placed fibers from each other and individually aligns these fibers, presenting them in the form of a continuous web at the output end. This web is turned into batts which are used in quilts and felt making. Alternatively, the web can be consolidated into rovings which are further processed into yarns. The Carder incorporates a vacuum system to aid in the removal of dust and other contamination. Exotic blending of colours and types can be created at this stage.The B.M.M. Bump Winder is an optional attachment to the Large Carder. It automatically places the carded roving into a storage package called a 'bump'. The bump is great method to store and/or ship the rovings. With the addition of the BBM Rug Yarn Maker you can also make designer, core wrapped yarns at the carding stage.